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Since completion of BARCODE 500K in 2015, the iBOL Consortium has been planning its next project – BIOSCAN. Estimated to cost $180 million, BIOSCAN will activate a biomonitoring system for one or more ecoregions in each participating nation while also examining the interactions among the species present at those locations.

Tracking Ecosystems

Our planet is an island of life in the cosmos. BIOSCAN will illuminate millions of dark species by metabarcoding assemblages from 2,500 sites. Over its duration, BIOSCAN will survey at least half the world’s ecoregions.

Revealing Symbiomes

No organism is an island, it is a complex ecosystem where multi-cellular parasites, parasitoids, commensals, and mutualists are joined by single-celled microbes. BIOSCAN will use sequence variation in the mitochondrial genome to illuminate eukaryotic associations, the symbiome.

BIOSCAN has four main objectives:


Scan species communities

at 2,500 sites


Codify species interactions

at 2,500 sites


Expand the reference library

to 2.5 million species


Speed the uptake of DNA barcoding

to protect life


iBOL members meet to discuss BIOSCAN – the second iBOL project

22 October 2018

On October 12th, iBOL members from 27 countries met at the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics in Guelph, Canada to reflect on past achievements and discuss the launch of its next project – BIOSCAN.

The three-day meeting signaled the growing strength and commitment of its members. Together, members old and new developed a strategy to move forward and barcode a planet.


what is BIOSCAN?


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