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Our Plans

iBOL is working to establish an earth observation system that will reveal species, their dynamics, and interactions.

We are tracking ecosystems across the planet and exploring symbiomes – the distinct fungal, plant, and animal species associated with host organisms. We aim to complete this research and establish baseline data for science and society’s benefit before the middle of this century. We aim to accomplish our mission through three major scientific initiatives: 







2019 – 2028 

BIOSCAN will allow us to forecast changes in biodiversity in response to anthropogenic drivers as well as deepen our understanding of species interactions by probing the symbiome, that is, the array of mitochondrial sequences recovered from a specimen indicative of the species associated with it.


Latest News

DNA Barcoding Aquatic Life: new insights for biodiversity science

DNA Barcoding Aquatic Life: new insights for biodiversity science

From Peruvian and Brazilian coastal wetlands, Mexican lagoons, and the Great Lakes in America to Sundaland and China, and many other places around the Pacific, a new special issue features scientific papers exploring with new insights about life under the water through DNA technologies.

Arctic BIOSCAN team prepares for a new field season in Nunavut

Arctic BIOSCAN team prepares for a new field season in Nunavut

Arctic BIOSCAN researchers met with important partners at the Ekaluktuttiak Hunters and Trappers Organization, Kugluktuk Angoniatit Association, Nunavummiut youths sponsored by the SOI Foundation, and scientists from the Canadian High Arctic Research Station, to discuss progress, results, and plans for the 2022 field season.

BIOSCAN receives $24 million to illuminate Biodiversity

BIOSCAN receives $24 million to illuminate Biodiversity

Can we establish a global biosurveillance system? Can we avert a planetary mass extinction? Helping to answer these and other large-scale questions about life on Earth is the goal of BIOSCAN, a project awarded $24 million in Canadian federal funding this month.

Bulgaria: International conference May 25-27

Bulgaria: International conference May 25-27

The International Conference on DNA Barcoding and Biodiversity (ICDBB) will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, from May 25-27. The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is organizing the event as part of BULCode Project, supported by the National Program “European Scientific Networks,” Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria.

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The International Barcode of Life Consortium is a research alliance of nations undertaking the largest global biodiversity science initiative:

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