Finnish workshop:DNA based species identification


Time: December 16-20, 2019
Place: University of Oulu, Finland
Extent: 3 ECTS

The workshop lectures will cover an introduction to the concept and idea of DNA barcoding, BOLD and mBRAVE barcode repositories and analyzing tools, international DNA barcoding activities (iBOL), metabarcoding methods and high-throughput sequencing platforms, analyses of ancient DNA, analyses of microbial communities, bioinformatic pipelines of genomic-scale data and use of some ecological analyses using R statistical platform.

The practicals will include lab exercises on both standard DNA barcoding and metabarcoding (for Ion Torrent), exercises on using bioinformatics tools and R statistical platform and exercises on using BOLD and mBRAVE.

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The International Barcode of Life (iBOL) Consortium is a research alliance with a mission to develop and apply a globally accessible, DNA-based system for the discovery and identification of all multicellular life. Our vision is to illuminate biodiversity for the benefit of our living planet.

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