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GlobalWG 5.5 – Governance and Knowledge Mobilization



Chair: David Castle
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

Research Problem and Objectives

One standard for evaluating GE3LS integration is the salience of GE3LS research to the scientific program. This subject-matter focused criterion ensures that GE3LS researchers are focused on iBOL in their research and dissemination of findings through traditional peer review journals and policy outlets. The development of Working Groups 6.1 and 6.3 exemplifies this criterion.

Two aspects of GE3LS integration are not, however, addressed by this criterion. First, GE3LS research must simultaneously engage with the science research while maintaining independent credibility. That is, GE3LS must be integrated, but it cannot succumb to criticism that research results are tainted or biased.

Second, the required equipoise of integrated GE3LS research requires an explicit governance strategy focused on the process of integration. Working Group 6.5 is devoted to developing and implementing process criteria for GE3LS integration that complement the subject-matter criterion.

We propose research leading to the development of a novel governance structure, one that dovetails with the management of the overall iBOL project. The study of integrated GE3LS within the VALGEN research program will provide pan-project insights to guide VALGEN integration.

The Innovation Partnership (TIP), a Montreal-based not-for-profit that has already provided general governance advice to iBOL, will be engaged. TIP offers arm's length perspectives away from core VALGEN research activities, it allows for asynchronous governance model development away from core activities, and it provides access to the experience and knowledge of TIP members and board.

Milestones and Deliverables

We will undertake an environmental scan of governance models for research although, in GE3LS team's experience and knowledge, little is likely to be found. Because this is anticipated to be a novel exercise in research management an agreement with TIP will be drawn up quickly to access TIP's resources and to separate core research activities from WG 6.5.

Ongoing, real-time modifications to the existing governance model will be developed that assure full GE3LS integration while maintaining the independence of the GE3LS team.

Research Team

David Castle, University of Edinburgh
iBOL designate
Paul Hebert, University of Guelph
Invited team member
The Innovation Partnership, Montreal.


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