Member Nations

Member nations are networks of researchers and organizations in a country that are engaged in DNA barcoding or in supporting such work as part of iBOL. iBOL is the sum of its Members. They are the fundamental units that provide resources and services (e.g. build capacity and set priorities for barcoding in their country/region). 

Institutions or individuals interested in being involved with the iBOL start by identifying themselves with (or as) a Member Nation, effectively committing their interest, knowledge, expertise, money, materials, services or other resources which then count as part of the Member Nation’s contribution to the iBOL’s overarching goals.


iBOL Core Facilities are laboratories and technology platforms established by the iBOL Member Nations. These core facilities provide the DNA barcoding research community with sequencing and/or informatics support.

Since iBOL’s activation in 2010, Member Nations have advanced their research agendas at greatly reduced individual cost. iBOL has developed into a true partnership; all participating nations set research priorities and oversee progress. Researchers in member nations benefit from access to specimens, to DNA sequencing services, to informatics platforms, and to training.

Participation as a Member Nation in the iBOL Phase II is open to all nations with the scientific expertise and the funding to substantively contribute to its research goals. The annual membership fee is $5,000 CAD due on June 30 of each year. Membership fees cover expenses linked to the operation of the corporation including meetings of the Board and the Scientific Steering Committee.

New Members Nations officially join iBOL by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. Institutions and individuals who affiliate to these Member Nations can then participate in its programs by contributing to the iBOL’s activities or become one of the iBOL’s Core Facilities. 

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