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Making Every Species Count

Building a Bioliterate World

What would it be like to live in a bio-literate world - a world where you could know, in minutes, the name of any animal or plant - any time, anywhere?

And not just its name but everything about it - what are its habits, is it endangered, is it dangerous, should it even be there or is it an invader from somewhere else?

How could we use that knowledge to protect biodiversity and promote human health and well-being?

The International Barcode of Life Project (iBOL) is led by the secretariat at the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics. iBOL is the largest biodiversity genomics initiative ever undertaken, to create a digital identification system for life.

• News for March 2017 •

Food from Thought
The Food Institute

Supported by nearly $77M in funding, Food from Thought will both make use of and build upon the iBOL DNA barcode library.

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December Barcode Bulletin
Bulletin December 2016 Title Page

Check out the latest issue of the Barcode Bulletin with news and highlights from DNA barcoding research and applications.


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Training Workshop in Peru
DNA strand

SENASA, Peru is hosting a workshop in Lima, in March 27-31, 2017 to train regulatory professionals as part of a PNIA-funded project on DNA barcoding of agricultural pests.

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Spring into STEAM
San Diego Barcode of Life

iBOL and the San Diego Barcode of Life are partnering with the San Diego Public Library to create a unique educational experience.

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What is DNA Barcoding?

DNA barcoding is a method of species identification and discovery using a short section of DNA from a standardized region of the genome.

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Building the Barcode Library

iBOL surpassed its Phase 1 goals within the five year target.
5,329,000 specimens
592,000 barcode clusters/species

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Partner Nations

A number of nations are participating as networks of leading researchers and key organizations affiliated to iBOL to collect and register DNA barcodes.

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Get Connected

Get connected with other DNA barcoding participants, scientists, and enthusiasts.

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