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A visual overview of progress to date

This page is divided into three sections:

  1. Input (plate submissions)
  2. Output (BINs in GenBank)
  3. Potential Contributors

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Input: plate submissions

In the chart below, we show the individuals that have submitted plates of specimens to one of iBOL's Core Facilities (e.g., The Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding). Hover the mouse pointer over the bars to see taxonomic information.

Output: BINs published on BOLD

In the table below, we show the output (defined as public records on BOLD) created from the plates submitted above. Click on any of the column headers to re-sort the table. Countries are coloured according to whether they are Central Nodes (green), Regional Nodes (blue), National Nodes (red), or have no formal status (black).

Potential contributors

This list comes from registration information on These represent people who have indicated an interest in a particular Working Group, but may not have contributed to the Project yet. Click on any of the column headers to re-sort the table using that column.