Kick-off meeting held in Koitelin Residenssi, Oulu, Finland

5 April 2019

Between March 5-6th, 2019, the kick-off meeting for a new project – ‘Advancing the genomic revolution of species delimitation’ – was held at Koitelin Residenssi, Oulu, Finland.

This $1.1M project is largely funded by a grant awarded to Marko Mutanen, iBOL’s Finnish representative, by the Academy of Finland. The project will investigate an emergent genomic tool, the Anchored Hybrid Enrichment method, for species delimitation under different evolutionary scenarios with the goal of moving the scientific field of taxonomy into the genomic era. It will use Lepidoptera as model organisms; an apt taxon as many species groups represent cases of taxonomic instability due to uncertainty around species boundaries.

The project will utilize specimens and DNA extractions stored at the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics in Guelph, Canada from past projects exploring patterns of divergence in Eurasian and Holarctic Lepidoptera (e.g., Hausmann et al. 2013Huemer et al. 20142018Landry et al. 2013, and Mutanen et al. 2016).

The project is led by Dr. Marko Mutanen, University of Oulu. The team also includes Dr. Marianne Espeland, Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig; Dr. Peter Huemer, Tyrolean State Museum; Dr. Roger Vila, Institut de Biologia Evolutiva; Dr. Tommi Nyman, University of Eastern Finland; Dr. Maria Heikkilä, University of Helsinki; Dr. Jeremy deWaard, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics; as well as Dr. Vlad Dinca, Dr. Kyung Min Lee, and Mukta Joshi, University of Oulu.

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Dr. Marko Mutanen
iBOL SSC, University of Oulu

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